Just A Bunch Of Ramblings

Good Afternoon, World!!! My face hurts like hell. After being punched in the face last night I realize how grateful I am that it could have been worse. I could have been more injured than I am.

I saw my therapist today and he saw my eye and how swollen it is. We discussed what happened. We processed what I went through and how I can handle the potential PTSD symptoms.

I now plan on working on one of my workbooks. My workbook specifically geared to strengths and recovery. As I want to learn how to be okay with the strengths I have. I don’t like to acknowledge that I even have any strengths.

After doing my workbook I plan on reading my book; Why Buddhism Is True. I also plan on reading some Buddhist Scriptures. I am finding a sense of peace searching into the Buddhist faith.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day and Peace Out, World!!!

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