Good Sleep Turned into Not so Good Sleep

Well, Fucking Good Morning, World!!! I was surprisingly having a good night considering my last official day of work was yesterday (Friday). Considering it was emotional day, I wasn’t expecting a good night sleep till three of my neighbors got in an extremely loud scream match at three thirty in the morning. It almost got physical at one point in time. It is now four forty five in the morning and the Seattle police showed up to the screaming match that was already lasted an hour at four thirty five in the morning Seattle time. Needless to say my neighbors on my floor and myself aren’t exactly happy with the screaming neighbor and the lack of response from the Seattle Police Deportment.

It reality I was hoping my good night sleep wouldn’t have been interrupted due to the fact yesterday (Friday) was my final day at work due to lay offs. A good night sleep for me after a traumatic event of being laid off would have been good for my mental health symptoms. Right now is a time to reflect on a job I loved a sadly got laid off from. A job that turned into a dream job for me.

On the bright spot I have my cat, Billie sleeping with me which is a comfort in itself. Having Billie around going to my therapist has helped me get through the last three months of know I was and now officially laid off.

On the great news front I have three interviews next week. Two of the three sound promising. I am telling future employs that I would need two week in between my end date at my now former employer and starting a new job and everyone appeared to be okay with that considering how traumatizing the lay off process was for everyone involved.

It’s not five o’clock in the morning and the cops are at my door wanting to know what I heard and saw from the screaming neighbors. So, I need to get going. I hope everyone has a good restful weekend and a Happy Saturday. Peace Out, World


Weekly Check In

It is another Saturday night in Seattle. Of course I am spending it alone with my cat, Billie Dean. In fact Billie has been helping me with the depression and the anxiety. My friends and family have been helping as well, like my cat Billie as well as my colleagues. It feels great to feel loved by my pet cat as well as my friends, family and colleagues.

The best part of this week is that I will be there to the last day which is May 6th. I might even be there to September but that is not one hundred percent yet. At least there is somewhat of a date. I really love this job and feel like I have a niche at this job.

It is a sad day in a America when the longest queer mental health agency is closing down. My employer serves more than two thousand clients and it breaks my heart that the clients have to go to other agencies that has caused trauma to them.

I do not have much more to say in this particular blog. I do want to thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated from my end that you the reader, read my blog. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!

Just About Rumblings

Hello, World!!!! I went to work today via going to the office tomorrow. I love going into the office as it gives me more proactive ways to do to do some work. I love my job and am sad that my employer is going under which means everyone is getting laid off. I am concerned about my clients that my employer serves. The need the help they need in the queer community .

On that note I had to go to the hospital due to having an injury. I have some major bruisers and a broken finger. My boss says I could work from home due to my injury. I love my job and that y supervisor isn’t a micromanager. My servicer is awesome.

I am happy to be home with my cat and he is helping me with the grief of being laid off from my employer. I love the fact that he comforts me with the grief with the laid offs.

I do not have much ore to say about this particular blog post. I want to thank you for reading my blog.