A Tiring Day Yet A Blessed Day

Today is Sunday and I have not forgot that today is a religious for both the Jewish faith and the Christian faith. It is Passover for those of the Jewish faith and is Easter for those of the Christian faith. I just wanted to acknowledge both faiths and hope they enjoy their perspective religious activities.

If with the lack of sleep due to insomnia, I do my regular shift at PAWS Cat City as well as an extra as well. I am hoping with the lack of sleep and two shifts at PAWS Cat City that I get a good night sleep tonight.

I also hope to spend time reading comic books while cuddling with my cat Billie Dean. I love my cat Billie so very much and I know he loves me.

Not it’s time to try to sleep. Happy Sunday everyone and Peace Out, World!!!

Still Sleepless in Seattle

Good Morning, again, World!!! I am still sleepless in Seattle. Apartment is still cold despite the heat being on full blast but at least its slight warmer than my last post. Despite the lack of sleep, I till plan on volunteering at PAWS Cat City at 9:00am in the morning, Seattle time. I love volunteering especially at PAWS Cats City. I do have say my cat Billie Dean is a wee bit jealous when I get home from volunteering but quickly goes away when he gets treats, cat nip, extra wet food and some play time. Billie is one spoiled cat. I love him so much. Billie and I seem to be going be be reading Wonder Woman Comic Books till I go volunteer. Both of of us seem to be homebodies lately which is good thing.

Well, I guess it’s back to reading Wonder Woman comic books. I have a lot of them plus collectable of Wonder Woman stuff. I hope to talk to you later. Have a Sunday everyone. Peace Out World!!!