Everyday Inspiration; Day 10: Let the Scene Write Itself

As I look out the west window of my living room, I notice that the sun is attempting to come out from behind the clouds. I quickly realize there is a bald eagle sitting in the tree outside my window looking in. I’m wondering to myself what he wants but realize that the eagle is paying attention to a squirrel on a lower branch of the tree.

I quickly turn my attention to my living room as the eagle went after the poor squirrel. I see my art supplies and a canvass or two waiting to be painted. I’m wondering if I should paint the eagle and squirrel in the tree. Wouldn’t be the best painting in the world but would be a reminder of what I saw today.

I continue to scan my living room and see music sheets on the floor. I really need to pick those up or practice the music on my flute. What music piece would I practice? I think I need to put playing my flute into my daily schedule.

I look at my couch and see the book I am reading. I really want to finish the book as soon as possible. Its not that difficult to take time out to read a few chapters a day. Oh how I love to read.

I look over to see what time it is on my Wonder Woman clock and it says 12:34pm. I’m thinking it’s time to eat some lunch. Thanks!!! Peace Out, World!!!

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