Gertie & Grief

As many of you are well aware of, Gertie’s grandma passed away last Wednesday. Gertie is having a difficult with the grief. They don’t do well with loss especially the loss of someone who was a major part of their life.

Gertie is allowing themselves to cry over the loss of her grandma. This is a major deal for them as they don’t deal well with pain or crying. I am quite proud of Gertie for the major accomplishment of allowing themselves to cry.

Gertie is doing the best they can with using their skills. Despite being sorrowful over the death of their grandma they are keeping themselves busy and distracted with the skills they have learned over the years. Gertie is being future oriented.

Future oriented enough that they have been playing phone tag with a potential employer.  Lets hope they get the job they are hoping for.

Please keep Gertie in your thoughts as they are grieving over the loss of their grandma. Gertie is the love of my life. Have a great day.

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