Gertie & Their Job Search

Gertie is getting quite anxious as of lately. Primarily because they have too much time on their hands or that is what they think and I agree. Gertie does better when they are working. Preferably working at a job that has  meaning to them. When they are working their anxiety and depression symptoms are much better.

Gertie is waiting to hear back from the place they had an interview last week. While they are waiting to hear back they have been applying for other jobs. Jobs that will give them a purpose in their life. With Gertie focusing on getting a job some of their symptoms have subsided.

Having Gertie’s symptom’s subsiding slightly is a good thing for them and I personally am thrilled that they are dealing better. They aren’t doing as well as they want to be doing but is doing better and they will take that.



Happy Birthday, Gertie

First and fore most I want to wish the love of my life, Gertie, a very Happy Birthday. Gertie deserves the best birthday ever. I am starting off their birthday with doing my guest post all about Gertie and how I am going to celebrate them today. I’m posting this at four in the morning so when Gertie gets up with breakfast in bed that they will already have birthday wishes from you, the reader Gertie works so hard for. Breakfast in bed and birthday wishes from you, the reader is only the first two presents I will be giving to.

The other gifts Gertie will be opening first thing this morning is art supplies for their art work. Books and comic books for them to read. This way Gertie will have a way to express their emotions through art as well as get out of their on head by reading books.

Of course Gertie planned something for themselves as part of a recovery present to themselves which is to go and have a therapy appointment with Gilbert. Gertie thinks therapy is a great way to celebrate a birthday since they are not able to work at the moment.

When Gertie gets back from their appointment I’ll take them to their favorite restaurant of Red Robin. Gertie loves Red Robin. I already know what Gertie is going to get and that is what makes going to Red Robin so easy.

Thank you for reading. Please, from the bottom of my heart, to know forget to wish Gertie a Happy Birthday. I love Gerties so much. I want to make Gertie’s birthday as special as I am able to do so.

Gertie & Grief

As many of you are well aware of, Gertie’s grandma passed away last Wednesday. Gertie is having a difficult with the grief. They don’t do well with loss especially the loss of someone who was a major part of their life.

Gertie is allowing themselves to cry over the loss of her grandma. This is a major deal for them as they don’t deal well with pain or crying. I am quite proud of Gertie for the major accomplishment of allowing themselves to cry.

Gertie is doing the best they can with using their skills. Despite being sorrowful over the death of their grandma they are keeping themselves busy and distracted with the skills they have learned over the years. Gertie is being future oriented.

Future oriented enough that they have been playing phone tag with a potential employer.  Lets hope they get the job they are hoping for.

Please keep Gertie in your thoughts as they are grieving over the loss of their grandma. Gertie is the love of my life. Have a great day.

The Love Between Gertie & I

Hey! As Gertie mentioned last week, they want myself and Mama Bear to post every other Wednesday. I stepped up to the plate to post today and Mama Bear will do it next Wednesday.

I’ve decided to write about the love Gertie and I have. I originally met Gertie when she was found unconscious and unresponsive as well as barely breathing due to a suicide attempt. Gertie’s neighbor found them and called 911 when the engine company was called out to help Gertie. Fortunately, she survived that attempted suicide as well as a handful of others.

If it wasn’t for Gertie being survivor, I wouldn’t have become friends with them. Being friends with them is what helped me fall in with Gertie. Gertie has the endearing way about her that has people go to them as friends and for me it had me fall in love with them.

Thanks for reading. I hope this gives some insight of my love for Gertie. Have a great day.

Hey, It’s Me Junior

Good Morning!!! Gertie asked me to post a reintroduction of myself as she stated in a post on Sunday. Apparently, they want myself and Mama Bear to alternate weeks on to post on what its like to be a support person to someone who has lived experience with a mental health condition.

I am thrilled to be doing this as I will have a point of view you may not have regarding mental health. I strongly support Gertie in their recovery and them trying to educate others to lessen the stigma that goes with the struggles of having a mental health condition as well as giving others hope who do struggle.

I’ve known Gertie for over 17 years. Gertie and I have been partners for nearly five years now and they are the love of my life. It is because of Gertie that I see the world from a different perspective than I did before. They have a way of helping people like that.

Thank you for reading. Have a good day.

The Perspective of the Fiancé

Once again Gertie has asked me to blog about what it is like from my perspective. A perspective that she is unable to give and desires to have on their blog. I do have perspective she does not have.

I see Gertie as this wonderful beautiful person. Something I wish Gertie would see in themselves. Gertie is quite enduring and has one the fiercest sense of humor I know. In fact Gertie’s sense of humor along with her smile is what ultimately caused me to fall in love with her.

My love for Gertie continues to go more and more each moment of everyday. I just wish I could write more. I am doing a twenty four shift as I am a firefighter and I would like more time to give my perspective on Gertie and her recovery and what it is like to be a support to her. I love her with all my heart.

I hope to post more next Friday when I am not at work. Have a Happy Friday all.

Introduction: Junior

Hello! I want to introduce myself; I am Junior. I am Gertie’s fiancé. I was asked by Gertie to be a contributor of her blog from time to time. To share my experience on what it is like to be a partner and loved one of a person who struggles with a mental illness. I am not sure what exactly to say except that I love Gertie with all my heart, soul and mind.

My love for Gertie grows everyday and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Yes, it can be quite challenging at times when Gertie is in the height of a mental health relapse yet I have seen her grow in recovery over the last several years.

I first met Gertie when she had attempted suicide and my engine company as well as a Medic One Unit responded to the 911 call nearly sixteen years ago. Myself and the rest of the crew didn’t think she would make it. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only time I had responded to Gertie attempting suicide however over the last sixteen years I have seen Gertie grow in strides.

Gertie has been focused on her recovery for quite some time now. She has struggled some and despite her struggles she gets more determined with her recovery as well as more resilient.

As time goes on I will share my experiences with being a partner of someone who struggles with a mental illness and how I take care of myself in the process especially when Gertie is in a mental health relapse. Thankfully, she is not in a relapse at the moment.

I will be sharing my experience as a first responder and how as I first responder I interact with those who have a mental illness and in crisis. I hope to share more with you soon