Feeling Better

Good Evening, World!!! Today, I have been dealing with a lot of depression. I realized this about an hour and a half ago. I realized why my depression was acting up a little today. I had forgotten to do my meditation and mindfulness practice this morning. So, I did my practice and now I feel better. Today’s topic was love and kindness and how it is okay to self soothe. Meditation and mindfulness self soothes me and is a self care act for me.

After I did my meditation and mindfulness, I watched a few episodes of M*A*S*H. It made me laugh so I hard, I almost peed my pants. Humor helps me a great deal. M*A*S*H reminds me of my childhood when I would watch it with my dad.

It is time to get back to watching M*A*S*H. Have a great evening everyone. Peace Out, World!!!

One response to “Feeling Better

  1. I was also dealing with depression today and as you’ve said on your post before this one, was feeling rather sleepy. I knew about my depression this morning, which was due to my meltdown yesterday where I uncontrollably violently threw things and what caused said meltdown. I’m doing better now. I read some about autism meltdowns in adults, shared some things with my husband and wrote him some emails (easiest form of communication for me). I had some down time today in bed reading some articles online. I love learning and discovering new things. I’m a major history nerd to the point of wearing nice old clothes daily, listening to oldies, delighting in old films and TV shows. I even moved into an old home in a designated historic neighborhood in downtown Las Vegas. I furnished my home with antique furniture and enjoy classic car shows, library archives, and museums. I really like living life surrounded by history. I went for a walk through a meditation maze at a nearby park and after some other circumstances, I’m also starting to feel better towards the end of the day. Glad you’re feeling better.

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