Anxiety Over Job Interview

Hello, World!!! I am having some anxiety over my job interview tomorrow. I think I am more concerned on transportation than anything. Actually, I worry about the bus to get be back to the ferry after the interview as it only runs once an hour. The bus not the ferry.

I know myself well enough that once I am on my way there I won’t be so high anxiety. I say this because riding the ferry is helpful for me. It is one of the skills I have for myself to calm myself the fuck down.

As I am working through the anxiety I realize that I need use some skills. Skills like I have discussed multiple times in past post. One such skill is reading. I am hoping to finish the book soon but I am loving it. Another skill I can do is some art. Specifically, coloring.

Thank you for reading my blog as I go and use my skills. Peace Out, World!!!

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