Sleepless In Stormy Seattle

Good Morning, World!!! It is two thirty in the morning in Seattle and I am wide awake once again. At least I did get some sleep tonight so that is a plus. I am not going to complain about getting roughly two hours of sleep. It is more than I got last night.

If you were to look outside right now you would not have guessed that it was a beautiful day in Seattle yesterday. It is quite stormy outside as I sit here and write this post. Stormy weather can be enjoyable at times.

I think I am going to binge watch some M*A*S*H. M*A*S*H  is one of my favorite television shows. The comedy and humor in the show helps me a great deal with the symptoms of my mental health conditions.

Thanks for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

3 responses to “Sleepless In Stormy Seattle

  1. Our weather has not been beautiful. It’s either really hot, like today with temps in the 90s or extremely windy with cooler temps. Yesterday was ok though. The winds were tolerable and we went for a bike ride checking out other newly discovered areas of historic downtown Las Vegas. I just love the style of classic mid-century homes. New isn’t always better, to me. I think we lost something (artistry and expression in design…..designs were drawn out by hand, rather than on computer software) when society changed for the better. (I think we’re headed right back there in some ways today; the 80s and 90s were good years in many ways.) I digress. Tomorrow, they’re expecting us to get 60-70 mph wind gusts! Horrid! I really hope these high winds and temps die down in a few weeks so it doesn’t ruin the outdoor rockabilly music festival I’m really looking forward to attending.

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      • I don’t know what that is…so, guess we don’t get it. High winds are sort of normal around here though. Vegas is a valley in the middle of a desert with no shrubbery to slow down the winds. The winds do tend to come out of California and sweep down the mountains into the valley. When I lived in an Earthquake proof two story house, the second story would shake in the winds. I haven’t yet experienced winds in this older Vegas home yet though. But, if its been here this long, it should be ok.

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