Weekly Check-In

Hello, World!!! If you have been keeping up to date on my blog you know it has been a tough week for me. You also know that I, unfortunately self harmed. A self harm action I will be discussing with my therapist.

Another thing I need to talk to my therapist about is my sleep issues. Sleep issues that has its ups and downs. It just appears it is more down than up because if it was up I think I would be able to sleep.

Something else that happened this week was that I got a phone call. Not just any phone call. A phone call to schedule a job interview. My job interview is scheduled for this Tuesday and I hope it is a job for me.

I also completed three paintings this week. Paintings that helped me express my emotions in a healthy way. One of these days I need to share my paintings with you all. I have shared a painting or two but that is it. I want to share more paintings with you.

Thanks for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

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