Random Ramblings

Good Afternoon, World!!! My therapist called to check up on me as I left him a voicemail last night saying I was struggling. He was concerned as I would be if I were in his shoes. I apologized for concerning him and I wan informed to not apologize for my emotions.

I have been reading a great deal lately. It is something I really enjoy. If you have been reading my blog the last few days you know I am reading Star Wars: Heir To The Empire. It is a book that I am highly enjoying at the moment.

I also didn’t get any sleep last night however I was able to take a nap earlier. I feel like getting some sleep helped me a little bit. Getting sleep always helps.

As many of you know I really enjoy blogging. I am attempting to increase my readership as I have been blogging four years as of May 31st. Its hard to believe that I have been blogging for four years. As I am going to be celebrating four years of blogging I am trying to increase the amount of readers I have. I only have 330ish followers. That is not as many as some of you. At least I know that I am reaching people.

I am waiting to hear back to see if I got the job I interviewed for last week. I feel like if I take the time to interview then they can take the time to let me know if I got the job or not. I know when the right job comes it will come.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful day. I hope you all are doing well. Peace out, World!!!


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