I Don’t Think My Cat Realizes It’s Sunday

Good Morning, World!!! I don’t think Lil Gertie realizes it is Sunday. Sunday is meant to either sleep in or go to a religious service and sometimes both. For me it is meant to sleep in. If you read my blog regularly you know sleep doesn’t come easy for me.

I think what I am going to do is attempt to go back to sleep. Especially since Lil Gertie is taking a cat nap at the moment.

I will also be reading. Reading two books on Buddhism. One is called Why Buddhism Is True while the other book is Buddhist Scriptures. Right now I am looking into Buddhism and it is giving me hope and a sense of peace. A Peace that I need at the moment.

Thank you for reading my blog. It is extremely appreciated. Peace Out, World!!!

One response to “I Don’t Think My Cat Realizes It’s Sunday

  1. I go to religious services on Saturday. Some religions, including Judaism do this due to sabbath meaning seven and Saturday is the seventh day of the week (It is on the Hebrew Calendar as well).

    My bird wakes me up every morning around 7am. She wants out of her cage. I can’t sleep through her banging the cage door, bars, and her dishes against the sides of the cage. Even though her dishes are secure so she can’t remove them, they still lift a tiny bit and can move around. She likes banging and twisting them to get at the food she wants.

    My cats sometimes meow at the bedroom door wanting breakfast and attention. I don’t let them sleep with me. They get too rowdy at night. The bird sleeps in her cage across the bedroom. ________________________________

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