Cat = Help With PTSD

Good Morning, World!!! I woken up by Lil Gertie. She licked me smack dab on the nose. Some how this cat knows when I am having a nightmare or some other symptom of PTSD. I’m not sure how she knows but she knows.

I think once I am done blogging this post, I will read. Read about Buddhism. I am learning so many different things about this religion. A religion that knows that you’re going to struggle yet doesn’t shame or guilt you into a being something you are not. It encourages you to strive to be the best you are.

Having a faith in something spiritual is key to being in recovery for anyone. It doesn’t have to be Buddhism or even Christianity. Just as you have faith in something. For me it is Buddhism. Or at least for now it is because I am looking into it, to make sure it is the right faith for me.

Thank you for reading. Have a good morning. Peace Out, World!!!


3 responses to “Cat = Help With PTSD

  1. Did Lil’ Gertie choose you? When animals choose us, they just know. My bird chose me when she was a week from being 5 months old. They kept the babies in the back of the store and I had called ahead of time to ask about them. This store was in Sacramento and I’m in Vegas. We drove there to meet her. When we met, she played with my hair. She wanted me. Due to her age, the store hesitated letting us take her home, but offered us a way to reserve her. But, we had traveled so far and wanted to take her home. So, we asked to speak to a manager. We got to take her home due to our previous experience with birds and promised to keep the store informed on how she was doing the first 3 months. I called once a week.

    My newest cat came from the NSPCA. When he first saw me, he got animated and reached out for me. A lady working there said he liked my spirit. We got our landlord’s permission and then brought him home.

    In both cases they know when something is wrong. My cat likes to be on my chest or right beside me and the bird likes to snuggle in by my cheek and shoulder.

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  2. I had a friend who went through AA and even they encourage spirituality. They encourage belief in some higher power, even if that’s a dependent or pet or a plant….whatever. Just something above yourself. Most choose a spiritual path. She chose Christianity as that was what she knew.

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