Good News!!!

Good Afternoon, World!!! I just wanted to tell the world I have a job interview for a peer specialist (counselor) job. It is on Wednesday and I am slightly anxious about the interview but also excited about it as well.

I have decided since my last post that I will be attending art group. Art is always a great thing for me to do. I made this decision before finding out about the interview. Art will help me express my emotions. The many emotions I am having at the moment.

The sun is out here in Seattle. The sunny warm spring like weather is always good on a Monday. Nobody really enjoys Mondays even if you are working.

On a side note I briefly checked in with my clinician about the job stuff a few moments ago. He seems cool. We will discuss more tomorrow but he appears to care and comprehend the fact that I need more human interaction and something to do with my life. He honestly seems to understand the fact I need some structure in my life that I can be happy with.

Thank you for reading. It is so very much appreciated. Peace Out, World!!!

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