So Far a Busy Tuesday

Good Afternoon, World!!! It is early Tuesday afternoon and so far I have done a lot today. One of the first things I did today was work of my mindfulness workbook. I started the first chapter which is on Fear and Mindfulness. I didn’t finish the chapter as I had to get go to get to my therapy appointment on time.

I showed my therapist the coping skills box I made per his suggestion. I also share the paper I wrote. He was impressed by both the box and the paper. More so that I was willing to do both. He now realizes that therapy homework will be beneficial to me and will think of assignments for me to do starting next week.

Another thing that happened today was that I found out that I have a job interview at a community mental health agency for a peer position next Tuesday. This will be a part time job which would be so much better for me than a full time job. I hope I get the job I am interviewing for next Tuesday.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!


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