Awesome Time With Friends

Hello, World!!! It’s me again. Yes, I know this is like my millionth post for today but I wanted to share with you my time spent with friends. I met up with some friends at Red Robin. Red Robin is the place my friends and I go to when we want to meet up and hang out.

My friends and I discussed books we are reading as well as podcast we are listening to. One friend discussed a podcast she is listening to about civics while another friend talked about a book they are reading on the History of Wonder Woman. The book sounds like one that I would enjoy. I discussed the podcast that I am listening to about philosophy.

Discussing such topics with friends is quite helpful for both me and my friends. It is helpful to me and my recovery. It is helpful to me because it helps me not isolate. It is also helpful for me to have stuff to discuss with people.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

4 responses to “Awesome Time With Friends

  1. I hope you know how lucky you are to have friends to hang out with like that. Maybe, someday people will understand I can’t help it if I act a bit strangely and I’ll have that. Right now, I’m just lonely and sad. I’m happy you have this gift. But, it makes me sad that I do not.

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    • I think it helps that I have known these two individuals since we were teenagers. They just think my strange behaviors are who make me, me and unique. Its not easy for me to hang out with people as I would rather isolate right now.

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