It Feels Like A Monday Because It is A Monday

Good Evening, World!!! It sure feels like a Monday. Yes, I realize it is Monday but it most definitely feels like Monday. It feels like a Manic Monday because of all the shit I have had to do today.

First I had to attend an appointment for my housing. It is for my annual review to continue on getting subsides housing. My rent is going up starting in February because of my job but I am okay with that.

Something else I had to do in regards to my job is fill out paper work for Social Security. I also had to send them my pay stubs. I really dislike paper work but I rather fill out the paper work and send in pay stubs than owe Social Security money.

As much as I hate paperwork I am glad I got it done for both my housing and my social security. As far as my job is concerned I am looking for a new one as being on call for a night shift is not exactly best for me and my mental health. I plan on actively looking now and start applying in hopes I can start in the New Year.

I also went out in the crappy Seattle weather to go get my meds. I wish I didn’t have to get my meds on the weekly basis but I do. The weather in Seattle sucks today. It has been raining and extremely windy. I just wish it was normal Seattle yucky weather which is overcast, cold and drizzly.

I don’t have much else to say. I want to thank you for reading my blog. It is very much appreciated. I hope to post again sometime tomorrow to tell you how my doctors and therapy appointments went. Peace Out, World!!!

Too Much On My Mind To Sleep

Good Morning, World!!! Happy Friday to all you people out there. I am having trouble sleeping tonight because I have a great deal on my mind. Department of Social and Human Services (DSHS) is cutting off my medical assistants and food stamps I tend to get a little worried about it. However its state that Social Security is going to be giving me more money which I think is a glitch in someone’s system so I will call DSHS later on today to talk to the about it. I’m sure it will be taken care of even if I have to go to the office to take care of it for yet another possible review. What DSHS does can screw up with what Social Security does with my disability checks.

I am also in a great deal of pain do to an extremely weird mouth infection which has nothing to do with my dental problems. The antibiotics appear to not be working. I hope that when I see my doctor later that I can get stronger antibiotics. I am also hoping to get something stronger than ibuprofen for the pain but I doubt it will happen.

I am hoping as I blog more and include different tags that I’ll get more readership. Using various types of tags appears to be helping for now. For me I want to reach people to give them hope and/or help lessen the stigma that goes with having a mental health challenge.

I should really get going. Please send out positive vibes and/or thoughts and/or energy that I find out later today when my job interview will be for next week regarding the Shelter Counselor position. I really want this employment opportunity.

I hope everyone has a good rest of your nights sleep. If you are already up and going I hope you have a good Friday. Thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated from my end of things. Peace Out, World!!!

Weekly Check-In

Hello, World!!! As many of you know my family celebrated Mother’s Day today to honor my grandma. It was difficult for all of us as this is the first Mother’s Day without my grandma since she passed away.

As I told you earlier this week, I went to the Social Security office to discuss why I wasn’t getting any money. To find out I was suppose to be getting some money but they “forgot” to give it to me. Thankfully, my provisional checks were reinstated as I wait for Social Security  to make a decision.

I also made the decision to officially look into Buddhism. I have found that folks who consider themselves Buddhist to be at peace with themselves. Plus, I feel like it can help me with my recovery.

Thanks for reading. Have a goodnight. Peace Out, World!!!

Random Thoughts

Good Evening, World!!! I just woke up from a four hour nap. I just hope I can sleep tonight. I doubt I will be able to sleep but I will still try to do so.

Other than the late nap, I am doing well. I got my social security stuff taken care of even it it is just a temporary solution for now. I am not going to be complaining about the temporary solution because I am grateful for it.

I talked to brother today. He and I have the same mom but different dads. He hopes he made the right decision in contacting his aunt on his dads side. Jay is an awesome brother. He is extremely protective of me despite him being eleven years younger than me.

I better get going as I don’t have much else to say. Have a great evening. Peace Out, World!!!

Good News

Hello, World!!! I got good news. I am eligible for provisional eligibility of social security till they make a final determination if I am disabled in their eyes. I have had this disability for thirty years. I don’t think anything has changed. I still have mental health challenges whether or not I work or not.

I would love to go back to work and have a job I love again. I just don’t know if I can go back as soon as I had hoped. I love working and having a job where I can be a productive member of society.

Being a productive member of society for me would be working however that is not the case at the moment. So for me going to groups is a way for me to be productive. Being productive is crucial for me and my recovery.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have a great day. Peace Out, World!!!

Up ToO eArLy, AgAiN

Good Morning, World!!! I am up too early, once again. I am getting a little annoyed with either not sleeping or getting up at this god awful hour of the morning. At least I got sleep. I think I got about five hours of sleep.

I am going to the social security office today. This time I hope I can actually get there. I need to take care of some business. They keep telling me that I am getting money and then go around saying I am not getting money. They have been doing this for two months now.

I thinking after I am done blogging, I am going to read. I am of course am going to be reading Star Wars: Heir To The Empire by Timothy Zahn. As I have mentioned in many other previous post the last few days, I have been enjoying the book quite immensely.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day. Peace Out, World!!!

More Random Ramblings.

Hello, World!!! I am starting to feel a lot better than I did this morning. I am planning on going to the social security office tomorrow since I didn’t make it today. On the plus note, social security put money into my account for some reason. I am not going to argue with getting money.

I bought two more Star Wars books to read with the money I got today. I am really impressed by the Star Wars: Heir To The Empire book I thought I would buy more. I really am enjoying the book.

Another thing I am planning on doing with the money is buying some art supplies. Art is another thing that is helpful for me and I love to paint. Painting helps me express my emotions when I can’t share them verbally.

Thank you for reading. Have a great day. Peace out, World!!!

Still Not Feeling All That Well

Hello, World!!! I am still not feeling all that well. I did manage to get some sleep which helped a little bit. I really wanted and needed to go to the social security office today to take care some personal business. Unfortunately, I got sick.

I think I am going to read my Star Wars book now. I am sure you all are getting sick and/or tired of hearing about it. I am just really enjoying the book.

Thank you for reading!! Have a great day and peace out world!!!

Not Going to the Social Security Today

Good Morning, World!!! I was headed out to go to the social security office to take care of some business. Unfortunately, I threw up. I threw up in the hallway of my apartment building. I cleaned up my mess and well now I am curled up on my couch blogging.

I am planning on reading my Star Wars books as well as resting most of the day. I love reading and am grateful that my depression isn’t severe enough to have an effect on my concentration.

Thank you for reading. I hope everyone has an awesome day. Peace Out, Word!!!

Preparing for the Social Security Office

Good Morning, World!!! I am preparing to go to the Social Security office as they stopped giving me my hard earned money, I paid into the system. I am not looking forward to it as the Social Security office gives me really high anxiety.

To help me at the Social Security office I’m taking some stuff to help me while I wait. One thing I will be taking is one of my workbooks. A workbook about recovery and your strengths. Another thing I will be taking is my Star Wars book that I started read on Sunday. Reading is a great time to kill time while you wait.

I should get going so I can get ready. Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!