Weekly Check-In

Hello, World!!! As many of you know my family celebrated Mother’s Day today to honor my grandma. It was difficult for all of us as this is the first Mother’s Day without my grandma since she passed away.

As I told you earlier this week, I went to the Social Security office to discuss why I wasn’t getting any money. To find out I was suppose to be getting some money but they “forgot” to give it to me. Thankfully, my provisional checks were reinstated as I wait for Social Security  to make a decision.

I also made the decision to officially look into Buddhism. I have found that folks who consider themselves Buddhist to be at peace with themselves. Plus, I feel like it can help me with my recovery.

Thanks for reading. Have a goodnight. Peace Out, World!!!

One response to “Weekly Check-In

  1. Finding a faith path that suits you is important. Think about what you are looking for?

    For me, it was:

    masculine/feminine balance in the Divine
    something many followed as my previous faith was a very unknown one
    something with tradition
    something with esoteric meaning
    something that promoted vegetarianism
    something that didn’t put down other religions
    something that followed along the lines of Perennial Philosophy
    something that doesn’t believe in original sin

    I looked into Buddhism myself a bit (They have the Buddhist Goddess Tara), as well as Hinduism. I also attended a Unitarian Universalist church for a bit. I chose Judaism after attending a Jewish funeral. I felt my soul understood Hebrew, even though my brain did not. I had an experience when the ark containing the scrolls was opened during a tour of a synagogue and felt a very powerful presence rush out. It is believed the feminine Shekinah watches over the Jews and Jewish items. I believe I felt Her that day.

    Judaism has masculine and feminine names for the Divine, yet believes God is non-gendered and One. God is all genders, yet no gender.
    There are three major branches of Judaism. I chose the one that brings tradition into modern life.
    Kabbalah is a very esoteric metaphysical study within Judaism.
    Many believe the kosher restrictions on food mean we are meant to be vegetarian. Many Jews are or come very close. It is believe that the Garden of Eden represents perfection. They were basically vegan there. Sin is what separates us from perfection.
    Judaism basically does follow Perennial Philosophy in that all names and images for God are different interpretations of the same Higher Power. As long as a person is trying to better themselves and believes in a Higher Power, Heaven will be their home.
    Judaism believes we are axial being and only we can bring ourselves closer or further from God. We are only responsible for ourselves in this lifetime.

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