Mr. Sandman Skipped Me, Again

Hello, World!!! I am having trouble sleeping once again. I’m getting frustrated with not being able to sleep. Sleeping is vital to one’s recovery or at least mine which is why I am wanting to be able to get a decent nights sleep.

Since I am unable to sleep I have been working on one of my workbooks. Actually, I think I’ll work on the mindfulness workbook as it might help me get into a wiser mind. Mindfulness has been helping me with a great deal of things like sleep.

After doing a workbook I think I’ll read a few pages in my book. I am really wanting to finish is soon. I have only been reading ten to twenty pages at a time due to lack of concentration from depression.

Depression sucks just as much as insomnia but that is why I am doing some things this next week to help with them. Things that I didn’t put in my Weekly Plans post as I realized that I could do the activities after I posted it. The activities that will help with the depression are peer run groups at a peer run community center.

Thank you for reading. Have a good work week everyone. Peace Out, World!!!

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