I’m Bored so I’m Blogging

Good Morning, World, once again. It’ just barely after seven in the morning here in Seattle and I am bored half out of my mind so I’m blogging. I’ve been awake since around three this morning. I haven’t been back to sleep so I’ve been doing some minor household chores like cleaning out Billie’s litter box, taking out the trash and sorting out what laundry needs to be done first later today. I’m not about to start a load of laundry now just in case I am able to get some sleep.

Since I have some minor household chores done and the weekend morning news is on, I decided to turn it on. I quickly regretted it as it’s depressing as hell yet I still have it on. Maybe I am keeping it on out boredom. I don’t know.

All I know is my cat Billie Dean, is laying on my lap purring up a storm and appears to be a happy clam with all the lap time he has been getting this morning. Hell, all his lap time this morning has been helpful for me. Billie is an amazing kitty and I love him so very much.

I do not have much to say in this particular blog. Thank you for reading my blog. It greatly appreciated from my end of things that you the reader, read my blog. If it wasn’t for you the reader reading my blog, I would not be writing my blog. So, thank you again from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. it really means a great deal to me that you read my blog. I hope everyone has a great Saturday as well as a great weekend. Just know you are all awesome and I appreciate you all. Peace Out, World!!!

Bored Out of My Mind at Work

Good Morning, World!!! It is two thirty in the morning in my corner of the world. I am up at this time because I am currently at work. I am bored half out of mind. I have done everything I needed to do at the moment. So the next hour an half I have nothing to do. I wish I could be sleeping like the shelter guest are where I work at. I have a wake up call at four in the morning and then nothing to do till six. I am suppose to get off work at eight in the morning but sometimes that is not always the case. As you know I work at homeless shelter for young adults. We serve folks from 18 till their 26th birthday. Working with the homeless population is challenging but quite rewarding. Plus, it puts a perspective on life that you never know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

After I am done writing this post, I plan on doing art. Actually, I am going to be coloring. At least it passes the time when boredom sets in as well as sleepiness. I am tired but I am unable to sleep on the job. So coloring helps keep me awake.

I do not not have much else to talk about at the moment. I want to thank you for reading my blog. I hope everyone has a happy Friday. Peace Out, World!!!

Bored In Day Treatment

Good Morning, World!!! I am bored half out of my mind in day treatment. I am attending day treatment as I wait for my appointment with my therapist. There is not really much to do. So, I decided to use one of the computers to blog.

Besides blogging I have been working on one of workbooks. The one that is strengths based and recovery focused. Right now I am working on courage. I don’t know about the courage thing as I do what is needed to be done to help others and my recovery.

I am missing my cat dearly right now. I am wondering what she is doing at this present moment. She is most likely taking a cat nap like she does this time of day. Either that or she is getting into shit she is not suppose to be getting into.

Thank you for reading. Peace Out, World!!!

Bored Half Out of My Mind, Waiting

Good Afternoon, World!!! I am bored have out of my mind as my therapist wants me to hang out in day treatment. He wants me to hang out in drop in as he converses with his supervisor on whether or not I need to be hospitalized for my self harm actions. I don’t think I need to be hospitalized as I was recently in the hospital. He doesn’t think I need to be hospitalized either but since he is relatively new he wants to make sure he is doing what he is best for me.

I think after I am done blogging, I’ll read. I am realizing that reading is helping with pain managementĀ  of my hand. Reading has been quite helpful for me in a number of areas for me. I am grateful that I have overcome the issues I had with reading when I was a child as I love reading.

I think I am going to go now as my hand is in pain. I’ll post more about my hand later. Thanks for reading. Peace Out, World!!!