Indecisions and Distractions

It is now officially Saturday on the West Coast of the United States and this particular blog has been about four hours in the making. The reason being is because indecisions and (multiple) distractions.

Let’s discuss the indecisions that I was having. The indecisions I was having was regarding what to blog about tonight. Since I was being so indecisive, I decided to text my friend, Susan, who blogs at to see if she could give me some ideas on what to blog about. We spent about an hour trying to figure out topics on what I should blog about. Finally, I texted her, half jokingly, half seriously, that maybe I should blog about indecisions. She laughed in agreement. So, I attempted many times to blog about indecisions because I kept getting distracted especially when my fiancé got home from a sporting event.

On to what got me distracted from blogging about indecisions. First it was me looking up some information or “researching” potential topics to blog about. Most of those topics I was looking up or “researching” happened to be about mental health or mental illness because it is May and May is Mental Health Awareness Month. May is also Borderline Personality (BPD) Awareness Month. I mention the BPD because it’s a topic I will be blogging about at some point this month. I also got distracted by my hunger and decided to walk to Subway to get me something to eat. I was too lazy to cook anything plus Subway is about four blocks away. When I got home, I ate half of my sub. As I was putting the other half of my sub in the fridge my fiancé finally got home from a baseball game he took his mom to for an early Mother’s Day present. When he finally got settled in, we talked for a while which led to having an intense intimate moment that last for about an hour and half. Of course none of you wanted to know how long my intimate moment lasted with my wonderful partner. After the intimate moment Junior (my fiancé and wonderful partner) and myself watched The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. We watched it because U2 was on. I mainly watched it because of U2 and the reason being is not only are the an awesome band but wanted something to discuss with my friend Susan because she is beyond obsessed with U2. Now, that it’s finally one in the morning I am blogging.

Since I am blogging about indecisions and distractions, I might as well as give you the definitions of the words even though I’m sure that most of you if not all of you already know what they are.

Indecisions: noun; difficulty making decisions or wavering between two or more courses of action. (Source: Merriam-Webster dictionary.)

Distractions: noun; something that makes it difficult to pay attention or something that amuses or entertains you so that you do not think about problems, work, etc. or a state in which you are very annoyed or upset. (Source: Merriam-Webster dictionary.)

Now that I’ve bored you to death with my issues of indecision and distraction as well as their definitions, I’m going to call it a night especially since it 1:24 in the morning (pacific time).  I hope to blog again at some point today. I am hoping that it will be an interactive one. Goodnight and don’t let the bed bugs bite. Peace Out!!!

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