Just Some Ramblings About Life

Update on My Mom

Good Afternoon, World!!! I just got back from my First Aid, CPR and AED training and will update you in a different post about it. I forgot to update you about my mom yesterday. As I’ve mentioned in previous blog post my mom has stage three lung cancer. Sadly they can not do surgery due to it being too risky on where the cancer is in the lung. So, the treatment plan is radiation and chemo therapy specific to the exact type of cancer she has and will be “mapped out” so it is directed only at the cancer. My mom is scared as anyone with cancer is but she appears to be in good spirits and has a positive outlook but she is also be realistic about things as well.

In fact she is taking it better than the rest of the family which would be me, my cousins, auntie and uncles. Sadly nobody has heard from my brother in while as he does these disappearing acts from time to time. In all honesty when my brother gets the news he is going to take it the hardest as he a mama’s boy.

I need to end this post before I start crying again. Please sent positive vibes, energy, juju and prayers my mom’s way. Thank you for reading my blog and Peace Out, World!!!

Update on Coloring Poster for my Mom

I’m coloring this Mandela poster for my mom. As you can tell, I’ve colored a great deal but still have a lot of color left to do

Good Evening, World!!! I just wanted to give you an update about the poster I am coloring for my mom’s birthday in early September. I wanted to show you how far I have come and have far I have yet to accomplish. I think the best part of this poster is that other people, are helping with it. People who are my friends and don’t know her are helping. In fact my dad’s side of the family is helping has well. Billie, my cat is trying to be helpful but is getting in the way by wanting to sleep on it. My aunts and uncles on my mom’s side are going to pitch in and pay for the framing. So this is a community post for my mom’s birthday as people know she has stage three lung cancer. As you know I live in Seattle but my mom lives in Olympia and her birthday is on a Friday. I was informed by my new boss as well as HR that I can take that Friday off and have a three day weekend in Olympia to spend with my mom. I’m beyond grateful that my community of friends, family, neighbors and former colleagues are helping me with this project. I hope my mom feels as supported as I do when she hears about all involved in this project. I love my mom so very much and hope that the cancer can be taken care of. I really love my mom and hopes she likes this birthday present.

Sleepless in Seattle so Coloring is the Activity of the Night

I sill have a lot more to go on my post for my mom birthday in early September but I think I will be done with it by hen with a frame to go with it.

Happy two of seven in the morning here in Seattle. I am coloring a post for my mom for her birthday. I’m also going to frame it. I hope she likes. I love my mom so much and wish she didn’t have stage three lung cancer. Getting the news that my mom has lung cancer was hard. On the plus side she had a MRI done and it turns out she does not have brain cancer so that is wonderful news.

I don’t have much more to say in this particular blog post. I just wanted to show it you how far the picture is coming along and update you on my moms health issues. Thank your for reading my blog. If it greatly appreciative from my end of things that you read my blog. If it wasn’t for you the reader, reading my blog I would not be writing my blog. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out World!!!

Update About Last Night & Other Random Thoughts

Good Morning, World!!! My last post was quite concerning if you read it you know there were some gunshots and sadly two people were shot. Thankfully, they are going to survive. I know it scared the shit out of many people including myself and my cat.

Now on to my random thoughts. Well maybe not so random. I’m not sure if I mentioned that my mom has stage three lung cancer. My mom doesn’t appear to worried about it but the rest of the family including myself is worried. Well, all except my brother because nobody has heard or seen him since my mom got diagnosed with lung cancer. I’m worried about both my mom and my brother. It’s unheard of that he hasn’t contacted anyone especially my mom since he is a mama’s boy.

Now on to the real random thoughts that I am having. If you read my blog on the regular basis or even if this is your first time reading my blog you may have noticed I have advertisements. I have advertisements to make money. The only way I get paid is if people click on them. Granted it might be a cent or two or maybe three per click but it adds up. Sadly, WordPress doesn’t pay you till you hit at least one hundred dollars. So if you could kindly click on one advertisement, whenever you read my blog it would be greatly appreciated.

On to more random thoughts, my neighbors a screaming at each other again. Well, one is screaming and the other is just trying to get to their apartment. The one neighbor screaming just needs different type of housing. Personally, the neighbor that is screaming needs to be in supportive housing where there are staff there 24/7 if someone is in need of talking to someone or in crisis. This neighbor appears to be in crisis quite often.

I should get going as my cat Billie Dean is wanting some attention. Oh how I love my cat, Billie. Billie is such a lap cat and loves all the attention he can get. I do want to thank you for reading my blog. It is greatly appreciated from my end of things that you read my blog. If it wasn’t for you the reader, reading my blog, I would not be writing my blog. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading my blog. Peace Out, World!!!