My Day So Far

Good Afternoon, World!!! I am back from spending a few hours with my family to honor my grandma. We had my grandma’s favorite meal of ham, mashed potato’s and peas. My grandpa said a prayer and started to cry which got me to cry. A cry that I needed. I am having a difficult time with dealing with grief of any kind especially over the death of my grandma.

I am now listening to NPR podcast on about Ted Radio Hour which is based on TedTalks. The topic of the podcast is collaboration. I am liking the talk of collaboration because it can mean different things to different people.

After the podcast is over I plan on reading a book on Buddhism called Why Buddhism Is True. I am wanting to learn about Buddhism. I also got a book called Buddhist Scriptures. I am wanting to better myself and hope that Buddhism helps me on my recovery journey.

Thank you for reading. Have a wonderful weekend and Peace Out, World!!!

Tough Evening/Night

Hello, World!!! I’m having a tough go at it at the moment. I’ve been dealing with that fact the my grandma is in hospice care and I’m attempting to process it through journaling and blogging. It appears to be helping.

Reading a history text book and watching TedTalks about history. I feel like I can get some sort of education regarding history. Its helping with getting my mind off of things and wish my family and I weren’t dealing with all this but its the reality we are dealing with.

Reality can suck shit but it can be wonderful at the same time. For example my grandma told me today if I don’t go to my job interviews and Tuesday and Wednesday that when she goes, she will haunt me to the day I die and then haunt me after death. I got to love my grandma. She’s facing death yet she is still using her humor.

Thank you for reading. I hope everyone has a good evening/night. Peace Out, World!!!

Dealing W/Grandma In Hospice Care

Good Evening, World!!! I’ve been dealing with my grandma and her being in hospice care. It hasn’t been the easiest ordeal for me or my family. My dad isn’t taking it all that well. I wish I knew how to help him though besides just being a listening ear and shoulder to cry on. He is trying his best to be of support to me as well.

Something that helped today was therapy. I saw Gilbert today. We discussed my grandma and her being in hospice. I just broke down crying and Gilbert gave me a box of Kleenex and let me cry. Sometimes a good cry helps.

Therapy was pretty much the only productive thing I’ve done all day. The other things I have done is blog, color, read and watched TedTalks. Blogging helps me process shit while coloring helps me express emotions. Reading and watching TedTalks help me get out of my head. Maybe I’ll talk about the TedTalks later.

Thank you for reading. Have a good weekend everyone. Happy Friday!!! Peace Out, World!!!